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Weekend 3rd to 4th March, riding roundup

Over the last weekend a few of the more hardy High Wycombe Cycling Club riders were out and about. On Sunday,however, most stayed indoors and practiced on their turbos. The weather was truly awful. Hopefully this is the end of winter, even though spring doesn’t officially start for another two weeks!

The racing on Saturday, 3rd of March, was the preserve of the Race Team, and their efforts at the Magic Crits in Hillingdon are detailed on their blog – link. Note that all the races at Hillingdon are listed on the British Cycling Central Region website – see External Links on the left.

Sunday saw two very wet time trials. Locally, the first West London Combine time trial was being held on the Maidenhead Thicket course. Running along the A4, this 10 mile time trial was run by the Maidenhead RC. As the weather was so rough, there were a number of DNS recorded on the start sheet (29 from 84). Joe Clark and Malcolm Binns represented the club, the latter in his first time trial of the year. Joe was absolutely frozen on the start, wearing his new Race Team strip (and not much else). He was first off of the two riders, and quickly settled into a strong rhythm hoping that going off hard would warm him up. With the road being so wet, rear traction was poor, so Joe feared he’d got a puncture before half-way – the tyre was shearing left and right. Taking a cautious approach to his precious tyres, he pulled over and with numb hands tried to check the tyre was still inflated. This took a few moments, but confident that all was well, Joe got back on, and finished the course. His recorded time of 0:23:46 was  sufficient for 5th place.

Malcolm, in the tradition of early season equipment failures, forgot to bring his speedometer and heart rate monitor. Normally you’d advise riding a course beforehand to see any major road obstacles and how the road rises and falls. With so much water, potholes were going to be well hidden; and any reconnaissance was going to be pointless. Running blind, without any windscreen wipers on his spectacles, Malcolm started a minute behind Joe. Unsure how far along he was on the course, Malcolm rode conservatively, planning on pushing hard once past the village hall and within a couple of miles of the finish. Turning onto the home straight with about a mile to go, Malcolm was overtaken by a tanker, which proceeded to slow down and turn left into a naroow lane. Taking care going round the offending vehicle, and keeping both hands on the bars; he was quickly up to his usual pedestrian speed and moving towards the finish. Malcolm’s recorded time was 0:25:17, some 16 seconds slower than his personal best. Not bad given the conditions.

Full results for the West London Combine events are detailed on their website. Entries for the next WLC time trial on 18th March, close soon. Full details of how to enter, along with details of the HWCC club cup events are on this page.

Further afield, new club member and Race Team rider, Jonathan Schubert ride the Hainault Hilly 29 mile SPOCO TT. He’s written a report on the Race Team blog, but needless to say he did rather well, coming 2nd. Bravo.

I’m led to believe that a few club members started the 100mile Reliability Trial, though the conditions turned it into an expedition worthy of the exploits of Shackleton and Rowett. Whilst it’s not a race, the ride turned into a battle for survival; with most abandoning in Thame after a restorative cup of tea. It’s not called a Trial for nothing, you know!! The, postponed, Hilly 50 Reliability Trial is being run on the 18th March, so if you haven’t taken part in one of the clubs Reliability  Trial’s this year turn up on the day, see the Reliability Trials postings.

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